Sweet pea - botanical wax melts snap bar

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Sweet pea highly scented wax melts bar.

Each bar is hand poured and weights around 53-58g

Each snap bar has 4 sections which are filled with dried pea flowers. This collection has no colourants, glitter or other additives. Made of pure soy wax and the highest quality fragrance oils.

A delicate floral Sweet Pea fragrance with added fruity notes of melon, apple, lily, jasmine, cyclamen and garden greenery, all gently rested on a sweet powdery musky base.

Some fragrances may seem stronger than others, scent intensity depends of the fragrance itself, your wax warmer, and a tealight. Some electric wax warmers may work differently than others. Suggested bulb strength for electric warmers is 35W.
Due to melts being hand poured size and shape may vary.

CLP compliant.


May cause allergic reaction. Wash with plenty of water. Avoid direct contact with eyes or irritated/broken skin. Keep away from children and pets. Not for consumption. Do not drain melted wax down the sink or toilet.

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