Natural coconut candle

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Hand-poured soy candle in a natural coconut shell with an extra refill (pillar) candle in coconut waterfall scent. Candle comes in a coconut fragrance with 6 heart shaped coconut scented wax melts.
Size and shape may vary due to coconuts being naturally sourced. Burn time more than 25 hours for the candle and 25 hours for the refill. Total... more than 50 hours of divine holiday scent...

Please follow the safety instructions how to burn the candle safely.

Do not burn the candle till the very bottom - it may cause coconut shell to become very hot and catch the fire. Leave at least 1 cm of wax on the bottom of the candle and refill the shell with a refill - pillar candle.

Always burn candles on the heat resistant surfaces and never leave unattended or near flammable surfaces and items.

Enjoy xx