Himalayan salt wax warmer

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Himalayan Rock Salt wax warmer starter kit with 1 pod (2oz or 43-46g) of highly scented wax in Lavender breeze scent and 1 tea light.
Wax warmer dish is big enough to hold the whole pot of wax - no need to cut or brake it.

Himalayan Rock Salt warmers are becoming increasingly popular as makers claim that you can reap a myriad of health benefits from them. There are so many claims regarding the health benefits these warmers could provide you- from purifying the air to absorbing radiation to prevention of cancer- one is bound to wonder how much of it is true and how much is just make-believe.

Here is a list of 11 benefits you and your family could get from using a Himalayan rock wax warmer:

A Himalayan rock wax warmer releases negatively charged ions into the air. Studies have shown concrete proof that negative ions boost the activity of cilia which are the microscopic hairs lining the trachea. The function of cilia is to filter the air you breathe; therefore more cilial activity means you will be breathing cleaner, fresher air.

Purify air
Salt absorb water molecules from the air and along with them dirt, dust, pollen, smoke and other impurities. These contaminants are removed from inside the water and clean water I released back into your living space, thus purifying the air.

Neutralising Electro-magnetic radiation
Electro-magnetic radiation emitted from our electronic appliances such as computers, television, smartphones, etc, and long exposure to this radiation can have effects such as fatigue, decrease in the body’s immune response, increasing stress levels, among other reasons. Electronic appliances emit radiation in the form of positive ions. Salt rocks can neutralise this because they release negative ions into the atmosphere, thus making it healthier for you and your family.

Boost energy
Again, this has to do with ions. Positive ions drain your body of energy, and since Rock Salt emit negative ions, they could neutralise the positive ions, thus retaining your energy levels.

However, this effect might not be as discernible as you want it to be, because these rocks emit only a small amount of negatively charged ions which might not always be enough to cancel out all the positive ions emitted by so many electrical appliances and gadgets.

Improve sleep quality
This is a very popular claim that Rock Salt tend to help you sleep better. The basis of this claim is that over exposure to an atmosphere filled with positively charged ions might lead to a drop in blood supply to the brain, which could result in erratic sleep patterns. Therefore, the negative ions emitted by your rock could help you sleep better.

Positive effect on the brain
Research shows that negative ions are definitely beneficial to people suffering from depression. People during the clinical experiment were subjected to “high density negative ion exposure”, and experienced decreased levels of depression. A tentative explanation to the association of low levels of depression with negative ions is that these ions boost serotonin production in the brain, but there is no scientific proof of it.

Reduce asthma and allergy
Rock Salt filter all sorts of microbes hanging around the air and also mould, mildew, dust particles, smoke, vapour and even pet dandruff particles. This is very good news for those suffering from respiratory ailments such as asthma or allergies. Studies have shown that adding a rock salt to your home reduces the symptoms of allergies and asthma tremendously, since clear air helps you to breathe easy.

Reduce Stress
According to WebMd, prolonged exposure to negative ions helps increase your mood, alleviate stress and make you feel much calmer and happier. This means that you feel light and cheerful; and can get proper sleep and rest. A well-rested mind performs more efficiently, and so does a well-rested body. Therefore, the addition of a rock salt to your living room could improve your performance in all spheres of life.

Be free of pathogens
Negative ions have been proved to impede the growth of disease-causing microbes in the air, and even slow down the development of cancer cells. Thus, investing in a good rock salt could mean a healthier life for you, since your air would be free of germs and viruses.

Reduce Static electricity
Static electricity is caused by an overdose of charged particles in the air. Rock salt emit ions that neutralise this charge, leaving your air clean and free of static electricity which could otherwise cause embarrassment and confusion by zapping you at times that you’re least expecting it. Say goodbye to those annoying shocks every time you turn your door-knob.

Reduce Light Pollution
Rock Salt emit a soft amber glowing light, which is soothing to the eyes. If you switch off artificial lights in the late evening and use these rock tea light warmers instead, you would sleep better, since artificially coloured blue and white lights tend to keep your brain awake for long periods of time after you’ve gone to bed.

The soft, natural amber light of the rock also gives your living space a great ambience and reduces the damage caused to your eyes by constant exposure to bright lights. There are many more benefits of getting a rock salt for you and your family, but if you’re sceptical, get one anyway because they look really great and make for good home décor options.